Delta 75's at KSAN

Hello everyone!

Just finished up my first real flight since the update with @Dylan_M and @aviation.ny: A nice transcontinental from KJFK to KSAN. Delta is my personal favorite livery from the update and it seems that many agree. @Fabio_Bachmann Flew over us as we were parking at San Diego and made this wonderful shot that I just had to share. Loving this update so far, thanks IF!

Thanks for viewing, have a good evening!


Nice photo!


Great shot

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Great Delta pics! Thanks for sharing.

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Isn’t it 57’s, not 75’s??

Nope. 75’s.

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Why though…I’m not understanding the context of the “75’s”. I do see 757s, but where is 75 coming from

757, without the last 7, it’s like “woah, look at that 74!”

Personally, I use it in IRL convos but not on the forum, idk why 🤷

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it kind of goes along with all of the Boeing product… 73(737) 75(757) 76(767) trip7(777) 74(747)… 78(787) so on and so on. I’ve been in aviation for almost 25 years and that’s how it’s always been.

Gee… I was just lazy and didn’t care to put an extra 7 on the end. I had no intention of starting some sort of debate😂

“Seven Five” is what I’ve always abrivated them as. 57 is fine by me too.

Gotta love San Diego great picture 🙃

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Wow delta team so cool