Delta 757 to Atlanta

Yo! I did a event with @Pilot_InfiniteFlight (I think lol) from KTPA-KATL. Enjoy!
Flight info:
Route: look up there
Plane: did you read the title? Cmon now
Flight time: 1:10

At the gate with @Pilot_InfiniteFlight

Pushback. I got to lazy for the long yellow line

Rotatation in crosswind

Our around 30 minute cruise at FL280

On final

My BUTTER landing -56FPM

My personal favorite, parked at Atlanta.

bonus pic

Caught this while taxing at KTPA. Thoughts?

Which one was your favorite?

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  • Bonus pic

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Thanks for viewing, and cya next time!

You thought I was gonna rickroll you lol


Yep you got the name right! Nice pics! Thanks for coming! @InfiniteflightproYT

Note: Btw that wasn’t me in the first pic lol. That was the person next to me. Nether the less nice pics!

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I saw you doing this flight also nice

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Why did you not at me for this if you were going to ATLANTA breh

Nice Photos either way though!

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Nice my flight was a long Lonely ride to Seattle lol

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Let’s just pretend that was you…
Thank you

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Thank you!

But I just didn’t care…

Jk thanks man 😂😂

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I feel that. I feel that.

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Nice flight!

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I mean, at least now you know.

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Guess so lol

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Thank you!