Delta 757 - My first 22.1 flight


Took my first flight in 22.1 yesterday. Decided to head to Atlanta to check out the 3D buildings and new features such as Jet Bridges. have to say, it is incredible!


Aircraft : 757-200
Livery : Delta Air Lines
Flight Time : 2hr 40mn
Server : Expert

The Pics

  1. Pushback and ready to taxi

  1. Holding short of 27R

  1. Speed and power

  1. Passing Memphis

  1. farming

  1. Denver in sight

  1. Fasten your seatbelts

  1. Touchdown

  1. Busy Denver

  1. Jet bridge!

Thanks for viewing! Who else is enjoying 22.1?

Which was your favourite?
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Hey, awesome pics, one thing: it should be in #screenshots-and-videos category :)

That VTOL 777 XD


Yeah thanks. Completely forgot to set a category lmao

Not sure if it’s a bug or what. But 777s shouldn’t be hovering 😅🚁

Yeah, it’s a pretty common bug

Apart from that, cool pictures!

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Nice shots there! Love the one when you are landing :)

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I haven’t even played the update due to school work and yet everyone is already is making topics and flying around 😢

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United 77W: Houston Center, we have a problem here. We lost weight. We’re going to take off right now at the Gate.

Houston Center: United B77W, we can’t reach you right now. Contact Denver Control for Assistance.

Awesome Photos.


It’ll be worth it when you finally play. Maybe you’ll have the F/A-18E and E-Jets reworks by then

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Nice shots! I did a similar flight just my arrival was to Boston


Maybe I’ll play later today at 0800Z or smth but maybe the F/A - 18 will come in March or April and E-Jets maybe April

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Made me laugh 😂

Thanks :)

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Nice! Good to see Atlanta so popular in the past 24 hours


I love how there’s a 777 just casually floating in the background lol

Great shots! It looks like a very nice and scenic route!

if you look here you owe me a root beer float

like wtf are you willing to sacrifice a root beer and some ice cream? oh well

Jeremy Clarkson Driving an Ariel Atom | Know Your Meme

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Great shots, this one has to be my favorite with picture 1, I’m loving it so much! Great job, keep it coming!

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Thanks! It sure was!

Sure ;)

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Thank you!

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You can put it in the mail pls

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very stunning pictures!

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