Delta 757 ETOPS

I was wondering if the Delta 757-200 will be the ETOPS version just like in real life so that it can do transatlantic routes just like in real life. Please let me know!


I’m pretty sure I heard that it will, but please await an official staff/developer response for 100% clarification :)


I’m pretty sure yes

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^ Misinformation spreads like wildfire nowadays, I’d listen to that.


If N822DX is ETOPS certified, then yes.


That aircraft has been to Osaka, Narita and Honolulu. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t ETOPS certified.


Great thank you! So it is ETOPS and I can do flights across the Atlantic and Pacific!

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just an fyi, if you’re trying to be realistic then thats fine, but even if that specific aircraft was not ETOPS certified then the range would still be more than enough to cross the Atlantic in Infinite flight


Since when has registration been part of realism?
BTW the range in IF has always been for the max range variant. Just look at the B737 lol

yeah but it would be extremely extremely unrealistic to use a 757 transpacific if not impossible. you could get it to Hawaii or maybe Guam with a stop in Hawaii but Honolulu/ Maui is the only 757 pacific destination for all us/ and Asian airlines.

its been to Osaka and Narita probably for special flights? it can’t do 14 hours. Narita sed to be a northwest/delta hub so it probably was for Inter-asia flights but not transpacific its impossible without a stop. Northwest used to use Narita as a full on hub, and so did delta after the merger. northwest’s entire airline was based off of their narita hub actually the airline was started to fly planes to the us from Asia, so they had a ton of flights all over asia that then connected to Narita to then connect to us destinations if that makes sense. so basically everything went through Narita and so a 757 was useful for the first leg. When delta merged they inherited this,I Don’t think they use it like that anymore but they probably brought some 757’s out to Asia for a while after the merger before dropping it as a full on hub. It’s no use to have an Asia hub anymore when you can just do transpacific directly.

Delta has used the 757-200 on a passenger Tokyo to Seattle flight before, but only in that direction because it’s slightly shorter with tailwinds.

Delta inherited the Tokyo hub from Northwest but gradually dismantled it after the merger.

Delta’s 757s in Japan were typically used on flights within Asia, but technically it should be able to operate Honolulu to Tokyo because it’s a bit shorter than Newark to Stockholm.


Yeah exactly. I was sort of broadly saying you could use delta 757 in most major asian cities to tokyo, and i wouldn’t be suprised if narita to hnl used to be a 757 route it could defiently do it. United uses a 737 from guam to tokyo.

but at this present definitely west coast to honolulu or if someone wanted to throwback to like 2009-11 ish you could use the 757 within asia using nrt. I know United had a soft spot for hong kong too and had a whole flight attendant base there and almost all of their hubs have a hong kong flight. There used to be so many 5th freedom flights in asia i really wish i could’ve flown them lol

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I didn’t mean fly pacific from asia to seattle I was just talking about Hawaii flights. And I just wanted to make sure that I could fly transatlantic and the plane was ETOPS.

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“Delta’s new service between its Tokyo-Narita hub and Palau operates four times weekly and is the only service connecting the two airports.” " The Palau flights, which are operated with 182-seat Boeing 757 aircraft featuring 20 BusinessElite seats and 162 seats in Economy". - Delta Airlines Staff Writer : P1L4.

The flight might not be currently active however the flight did exist at one time.

Note: this photo may have captured another route but there is a chance it could be DL608 from Palau.

From Tokyo Narita to Guam: Delta operates two flights from Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) to Guam’s Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (GUM.) DL 97 and DL 649 operate on the outbound and DL 96 and DL 648 operate the inbound. All four flights of Delta’s flights between Tokyo and Guam are operated using Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Delta also operates 757-200 from Guam to Nagoya’s Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO) and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport (KIX.)” - Andre Bouquet June 2013 - Delta Flight Schedule.

Delta 757s frequently visit Honolulu, in fact this specific aircraft has visited PHNL just yesterday, which could serve as a stopping point. I’ve done research into this and can’t fins any solid evidence so this is not confirmed but based on the 757’s range it is possible.

This is correct, as I mentioned before Delta has served official routes from NRT on the 757, most were announced years after the NWA merger took place. The routes I mentioned were announced by Delta to “expanded its Asia-Pacific network with the addition of new nonstop flights between Japan and two popular vacation destinations.” - (Delta Airlines Staff Writer : P1L1)

As you mentioned Delta did cut the Narita hub which moved these 757s back to the mainland (it turns out the flights weren’t meeting expectations) which explains why you don’t see 757s doing these routes anymore.


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