Delta 757 "Colors in Motion" ("Deltaflot")

Dang looks pretty neat, never seen this irl but we don’t see that many delta retros so this would be nice.

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Amazing livery. I remember being very young and seeing this paint job. You’ve got my vote!


Bumping this, as @Will_A said, I grew up with Colors in Motion and was my favorite as child (still is today!) Would love for this to make it to the sim someday!

Gosh the early/mid 2000’s are 15 years in the past now!!

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I first flew delta with this livery in its heyday (early 2000’s). I flew in a Boeing 767-200. Absolutely beautiful livery.

I could say the same thing. This livery was my childhood as well. My first (second if I was too young to remember the first if that happened) airline ride was a double Mad Dog flight from Louisville-Atlanta-Dulles. Would love to see this in IF!

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