Delta 757 "Colors in Motion" ("Deltaflot")

I have come to like some airlines’ older liveries and one of my favorites is the Delta “Colors in Motion”, or as it is sometimes referred to, “Deltaflot”. This is probably my favorite livery that Delta used:
Would love to know what the community thinks!
By the way, this is a real livery (sorry about the last request)

Alright, just going to throw this out there… you should probably slow down on creating threads. Its getting a little excessive. And my classic response to a #features request is that you should be voting for your own “request”. If you don’t vote for it yourself, it just goes to show that you’re not that passionate for wanting this feature added.


I would agree with you, although this livery is absolutely stunning.

I would vote if I had more.


I do agree, maybe try and have at the most 2 posts a day. Otherwise it fills up the IFC with topics.


In my opinion it looks to retro in the wrong way:-/
I do love Delat though.

I have always loved this one. Definitely my favourite Delta livery.

I forgot about that livery :( I love it though!

Why did Delta stopped using that livery? If I recall correctly, it was around for short time. Was it issues with paint jobs since it seem fairly complex paint job?

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This was right before the current modern delta livery right?

Maybe it was because they were switching over to the new one.

Yeah, but my point is that they didn’t really use that livery for long time. They had used widget for such long time before the colors in motion livery. I just felt that there is something else going on with that livery that forced Delta to haste up with new livery that we see now.

I was actually reading an topic when you replied to me from 2007 about that livery. People there was complaining that there’s going to be a new livery so soon. So colors in motion livery pretty much last for about 7 years. Not much time when you have huge fleet, I heard that some of Delta’s planes just skipped the motion livery and went straight to modern livery from classic widget livery.


I actually like this color scheme, wouldn’t be bad to have the option

Apart from the tail it’s too plain, but it’s ok.

Too plain? Most liveries have a plain white fuselage the whole way.

Some of Qantas’ aircraft are still in the livery from 20 years ago! Even a few 737-800s.

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It may be that delta is American and Aeroflot is Russian so they thought they should stick to a different one but that’s just a guess please don’t be offended

I just thought of this and maybe it’s because they wanted to incorporate the logo on the tail (which I’m pretty sure the modern Delta livery features that).

The best Delta livery. Love it and the 757.

I say when we get the rework of the 757 this needs to be included. This is probably my favorite 757 livery.


When the two world powers come together!

Please vote for this one. This would be amazing to have in Infinite as I’ve flown on this plenty of times when I was little

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