Delta 757: Atlanta to Calgary- Saint Louis Diversion

I decided to test a single engine faliure mid flight, on Infinite Flight’s magnificent Boeing 757. Enjoy!

Flight Details:
Flight time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Route: Atlanta to Calgary (DIVERSION TO SAINT LOUIS)
Aircraft: Delta Airlines 757-200
Server: Solo

I boarded and took my Comfort + seat, after a free upgrade due to my airline status. That made me very happy, as this meant that I’d get a free meal on this 3.5 hour flight to Calgary for business.

We pushed back and started up our engines, 2 minutes ahead of schedule. The flight attendants delivered their customary safety announcement as the midday Georgia sun streamed in through the windows.

We taxied at a very high speed over to runway 37R. The flaps were extended, trim was set, and we were off to Calgary!

We rocketed out of Atlanta, and, with the airport dropping away below us, began to bank northwest.

Near the Georgia-Tennessee border, the first drink service began, and I opted for a bottle of water and the Market Snack Box.

As we passed over into Missouri, I finished my book. Luckily, I had purchased another in the Miami airport, before my first flight of the day.

Over Central Missouri, the sound from the right engine dropped in pitch then went quiet. Some of the passengers noticed and looked around, concerned. No more than 5 minutes later, the wing dropped sharply to the right and we began to descend.

The pilot came on the PA. “ Hello folks, as you may have noticed, we have changed our routing. Our right engine shut down, and we are unable to restart it. It is perfectly safe to fly on one engine, but we have opted to divert this aircraft to Saint Louis just to be on the safe side. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but here at Delta, your safety is our priority.”

We descended quite fast, as evidenced by this image I took over the western suburbs of Saint Louis.

Touchdown! Because of crosswinds, our landing on runway 06 was off center a bit, but still extremely smooth. Due to the fact that the right engine was out, we ate up most of the runway as we couldn’t use reverse thrust.

They taxied our plane to a remote stand, because of the lack of suitable jetways, but the passengers were relieved to be getting out of the plane. The aircraft was towed off to a maintenance hangar, and Delta had a 737-900(ER) flown in to carry us up to Calgary that night.

I hope you all enjoyed!


I liked this modified trip report! Good job.


Nice report and nice pics! I think my favorite one is that third pic.

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Thanks, @Zhopkins and @NewsDude!

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I agree. I had that same view a few weeks ago taking off from KATL coming up to KMSP in a 757-200. It was at night, though, and from economy on the left side.

I did this once. I turned off an engine at a totally random point on my way from OAK - AUS. I touched town safely in Albuquerque.

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I’ve actually done an emergency diversion in real life. It was back in 2019, and I was flying MSP-LAX on a Sun Country 737-800. About 30 minutes into our flight, the oxygen masks suddenly dropped, and we were instructed to put them on. We decended quickly, turning back towards Minneapolis. The captian came on and said that we could remove our masks, as it wasn’t a full depresurization. There had been a partial faliure of the main pressurization system, and this was just official procedure.

We landed hard and fast in Minneapolis (on their longest runway, which is rarely used), and were escorted by fire engines to our gate!

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Yes, it was!