Delta 757-200

I am very excited for the 757-200 rework. I am going to fly the 757-200 from KACY-EGLL. I wanted to know if in real life Delta’s 757-200 can do this flight because I looked up the range for the base model and it said about 3,310nm which is about 400nm shy of the route. The longer range 757-200 would be able to do the flight. Will the 757-200 be the longest range variant of the 757-200 series? Please let me know!

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Yes, Delta’s 757-200 can realistically fly Atlantic City to London Heathrow.

Delta’s 757-200s have flown longer routes such as Raleigh/Durham to Paris in the past.


You are fine for sure. The range is for without winds, and you get 100kts+ winds over the ocean all the time (usually it includes IFR reserves too). Also you could just take less load.
And IF usually always goes for ER version fuel tanks.


Thank you so much, greatly appreciated!

Update: where did you even get the range? The range according to wikipedia is 3915nm with 200pax.

I went onto Delta’s website and it said the 757-200D range was about 3,310, then the models above that were a longer range. So I just want to know what 757-200 version IF is releasing.

Seemingly Delta has multiple different B757 types, but IF should most likely be using the ETOPS fuel range overall, as it’s better for us as pilots to have the maximum possible range instead of a more limited of a specific type of the B757 :)

This ETOPS range is 4520 miles according to the Delta museum:

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Ok thank you!

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