Delta 757-200 (Domestic) First Class Review (KJFK-TNCM and back)

About half a month ago I had the chance to board the 757 and fly too St. Maarten for the weekend. As a little perk, I was able to sit up in first class as a result of my almost million miler father getting upgraded. Here is a comprehensive review on the seats.

Normal Text: JFK-SXM
Italics: SXM-JFK

First Impressions:
We board the plane and are directed to our seat. The seat is spacious with plenty of leg room. The seats come with a blanket, pillow, and complementary water bottle. Before pushback, every passenger is offered a drink and is asked what they want as a meal for the flight.

We receive our drinks and relax. Before takeoff, the Flight Attendant collects our drinks back.

On the route back as are not offered drinks because of the quick taxi to the runway at SXM. We still receive water.

8/10. Good service with friendly staff and gate agents!


I ordered

An Omelette
Chicken and rice

After departure, the cabin crew once again, bring us drinks and go to prep the food. Before handing us out meal, they take another drink order that will go with our meal.
Same procedures both ways.

Meals are served!
Omelette with Peopers and Onions, Sausage Links, Carrots, Fruit, and a bagel (comes later) with Cream Cheese and Butter. The tray is made of a material that allows it so cutlery does not slide around the platter.

The omelette was your average joe omelette. Cooked well. Tasted like average airplane food. No complaints! The carrots were mushy and not quite appetizingz. Yummy fruit, a choice of bagels from a bread basket, and some good sausage links made the meal much more enjoyable!

Rice with chicken and Bread. Comes with a chocolate cake and a veggie bowl

The chicken was warm and well cooked. Not as tender as I would of liked, but average once again. The rice was very warm with a good array of flavors. Tasted wonderful. Bread was cold, and it would have been better warmed, but it was fine. The chocolate cake was nice, with a sweet frosting to help seal the deal. Overall:


Both ways, the crew were fantastic. They were quite friendly to all the passengers, and were helpful to everyone. They went above and beyond to make the flight comfortable

On the way back, our aircraft diverted to Boston for 3 hours due to bad weather in the New York area. The crew had already flown that morning, and by the time we landed had gone 5 hours past their legal time. (The pilots had not flown down the day before, they were well rested. Do not panic!) The crew remained calm and handled the occasional angry passenger kindly and collectedly. Even on the flight from BOS-JFK we were served drinks and snacks, no matter how tired the cabin crew were. The were fantastic and I respect their ability to remain kind and calm throughout the whole ordeal.



The seats were fantastic, with tray tables in the armrest, and good sized touch screen TV’s. The IFE had options from watching live news or sports, 50 or so movies, games, and a flight tracker with flight info updated every 3 seconds or so. The seats had outlets on the armrest of the seat in front of them, or in the bulkhead case, on your armrest. The TV’s also had a USB port and an Headphone Jack to watch movies.
Movies I watched:
Max Steel
The accountant
Both good movies!

Overall: 8/10

Additional Stuff

JFK-SXM. Seat 5 (some letter)

Seat: 1 (some letter)
Note: Bulkhead had slightly less legroom.

Overall rating: Very good! I enjoyed the experience.

please note: Slight bias!!!
I tried to remain as unbiased as possible, but there might be some slight bias towards the airline itself. I’ve grown up flying Delta and they are my #1 airline.
Once again, I’ve tried not to be too biased, but there might be some 😜.


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EDIT: Seems the pics are weird and upside down. Sorry!


Fantastic review as always!


Wouldn’t you normally do that on their website? Or normally there’s a menu in the pocket on the seat in front of you which has a menu with snacks and drinks?

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Awesome! I’m flying to Sint Maarten next year on a Delta 757.


Awesome review! I enjoy well detailed reviews as such. :)

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From my experience, that usually only happens on long haul international flights.


Most of the longer domestic flights in the US have a meal service with a menu and ability to pre-order online. It’s certainly not restricted to long haul routes from the US. You can pre-order on AA for example for domestic routes.

Emirates Business and First are a lot better ;) Even though it’s an older cabin, I think Delta should offer more.

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