Delta 747-400

This sucks, another airline retiring their 747 :(

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in their defense it was really old and they got it from northwest. i hoped they would buy the new 747. Delta seems to use all the older jets and then get rid and then buy/lease the “new ones”

I also found out that the first delta retired 747-400 was 27 years old

That’s physically impossible unless it was like the very first one and it didn’t retire until this year… The 744 has only been around for 27 yrs.

I flew on delta’s 744 two years ago from MIA to LHR. Nice plane


As do I. They fly right over my house on departure. I once saw one take off a few feet over me in the parking lot.

Northwest ended up getting the first 744, then it went to delta.

It was the first production aircraft and test aircraft for boeing