Delta 747-400

Well, this is sad. They are retiring their fleet of 747-400s. Ive been lucky enough to see two of them in my life. They will all be gone by the end of 2017. To catch one of these majestic beast, one of the last few places to go is KDTW. In Detroit Michigan. You can fly from ATL to DTW on one of the 747s still.enter link description here


this sucks, but i guess 2 engine jets are getting really popular.

How come they’re retiring the 747’s?

Because they got them from northwest airlines and the 747-400s from northwest were at least 24 years old. Northwest didn’t retire its last 747-200 until 2008. 40 years later

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Wow. Never knew.

747s are wonderful planes, it’s nothing short of amazing when you see them blasting off with a full load of passengers and cargo to some far-flung point across the globe. I’ve had the opportunity to fly on a few, they are amazing machines.


I just hope they buy the -8i

Thats not why they are getting rid of them. I dont think its the age. I think its that 2 engines ia better than 4

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Not happening.

why, so they are done with 4 engine jets, or double deckers? i can see why with all the new airbus/Boeing aircrafts

Well… It’s not the main reason why but it is a significant factor.

It has to do with the efficiency of 2 vs. 4 engines, the inefficiency of the 747-400 itself compared to replacements, increase in aircraft going tech, and the huge hours they have clocked (In the 100,000s).

Many airlines are done with quads and double deckers or plan on phasing them out eventually with no quad or double deck replacement. There are only a select few that aren’t

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i looked and there is no 747 flights from ATL to DTW, i checked ;(

MSP-ATL flights in Thanksgiving Weekend using the 744.

I think he meant there are a few DL 744 flights out of DTW and ATL (They go to AMS, NRT, PVG?, and NRT-MNL last I checked).

They are cycling out, they have about 25 years on the clock, it’s about time they retired them. It is not cost effective to maintain that old fleet, unfortunate, but that’s how in industry works.

I live in Detroit, I see them everyday, but they are slowly disappearing

Welcome back.

They’ve sent multiple to the desert so yes there is
a significant drop in 744 ops. Just a guess, I would expect 744s to end service by operating out of the ATL hub thus less DTW flights.

you are right

The fact that there still are seats and that not all of them have been sold out to the avgeeks that spend most of their earnings on flying surprises me.


would 10/10 buy first-class for a 2 hour flight but it has the best seats for a domestic first class trip