Delta 744 KOAK to KLAX

Flight description : Boeing 747-400 (Delta airlines)
Server : solo flight
Flight time : 1 hour 50 minutes
Setting : early morning/morning

Lift off!!

Reached cruising altitude

Sunrise cockpit view

Sunrise view outside

Food is being served , beautiful view outside

Starting to decend with mountains in sight

On short final

Really buttered that landing, proud of it😃😃😃

50… 40… 30… 20… 10… retard… butter…

Taxiing to gates!!

Hope you liked it!!😁😁😁
Comment down below which picture was you favorite


Love your approach and takeoff can’t wait to see more from you.

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Nice shots! Love the queen!

Also It’s grease 😜

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@infiniteflight_17 You have been flagged for the incorrect use of the term “butter”. Please refrain from using the word grease. 😂


Great pictures! Liked reading how you worded it.

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Nice photos! You look a little high up on short final though 😉😂


Nice pictures! Like the butter landing at the end :)

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Great pictures!

You look a bit high on final though 🤔


I thought Boeing planes don’t say “retard” when landing.


@AlphaSeven @snoman
Yes I was at a quite higher altitude that moment but the excuse is rather funny

I set her up in approach mode
With altitude set to 5000 ft but did actually forget about the speed which was in 0.78 Mach
I was just 55 away from KLAX
I dozed off and took a good 10 mins nap , waking up to see the queen at 245 knots and about just 10nm away from the airport…😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Could land successfully after taking over the controls

Lesson learned : midnight isn’t the best time to stay online on IF , at least not for people who are made to utilize the night time for only sleeping


Great pictures!! Would be better if you used grease not butter


Ohh sorry my bad , didn’t have an idea about it

Nice Pictures! Sad to see that Delta no longer flies 747s.

Thanks for flying from KOAK, you get to experience the SF area in a new perspective!

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You must have been flying really slow… that flight normally takes 50 minutes.

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That final is higher than the clouds we’re going to have soon.

Ahh… The Queen one of the most beautiful aircraft