Delta 737-900 - Trip Report

Hello everyone! I am back with another trip report (third one this week lol). This time it’s on the Delta 737-900, the only 737 variant that I have not been on, so I decided to make a trip report on the flight.

Airline: Delta
Flight: DL1976
Aircraft: 737-900
Regisration: N885DN
Route: NAS-ATL
Flight Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes

In my seat next to another Delta 737

Pushing back with a view of the aircraft I did my last trip report on; C6-BFY (Far left aircraft)

Takeoff! The aircraft practically used all the runway

Goodbye Nassau!

Climbing with final views of the scenic Bahamian Oceans

A cookie and some water, can’t go wrong with that snack!

Turning base for ATL

On final

Landing with N682DA taking off to Fort Lauderdale

Now parked at the gate

Overall Rating

Topic Rating
Interior (Seat/Legroom): 9/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Landing: 6/10

Thanks for viewing!


That doesn’t seem like 35,000ft. Unless there’s been some radical change in physics and geography I’m not aware of that makes it possible to have such clouds at that high of an altitude and FLL be in that elevation.


The altimeter must be broken lol

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Just the size of the stuff on the ground seems to big.

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The altimeters on the screen on the seat in front of you are always really behind. But given that this is the IFC, op was probably using some app.

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Possible. The other thing that gave it away was that the slats were extended


Hm. No clue how I didn’t notice the slats…

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Oh wait wrong photo lol

Geez. Delta hiring Ryanair pilots?

I had to remove a photo and I think I removed the wrong one

I’m not sure, it wasn’t a very great landing

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Something about flying the 737-900 gives me a good feeling. I flew on N878DN (Delta 737-900) back in July (KLAX-KMCO and back). It was a good trip on the aircraft. Anyways great pics! Enjoyed it :)

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Thank you.

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Honestly, split scimitars in IF actually look worse than real life.

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