Delta 737-800 with split scimitars

Recently, Delta has started adding split scimitars to their 737-800 aircraft (similar to the 737-900er). It would be nice if we could have this feature added to the game for added realism. An example of this “retrofit”, if you will, is N374DA. It went from having blended winglets to split scimitar winglets recently. 👇🏾Here’s a picture for reference👇🏾

This is the article where I found the information about this upgrade 👇🏾

[N374DA | Boeing 737-832 | Delta Air Lines | Steven L | JetPhotos]

this one yes lookin soo nice now

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Now if they could redo the interiors of these that would be awesome… flew on one that had the old GOL interiors with updated seat covers, it was rough. But the winglets look great.

I agree. I flew on one that had what looks like the first ever IFE screens lol

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I have my credit photo at KSEA/SEA Airport.

Friday, February 23, 2024. 11:23 am.

Delta Air Lines (N385DN) Boeing 737-800.


They are updating them now!