Delta 480 Trip Report (KLAX-PHNL)


Welcome to my trip report of my recent Delta flight. We flew out of Los Angeles early in the morning to arrive in Honolulu by noon. Below I will include a short description after each photo.

Airline: Delta
Aircraft: 757-200
Time: 6:15PT- 12:30PT


Sitting at the gate at LAX early in the morning waiting to board. The airport is still extremely busy and not very nice on the inside. There were a lot of food options at least.

I completely forgot to take a picture at the gate so here’s one during pushback. I sat in seat 11A which was pretty nice.

Here we are rotating of 24L. The takeoff was pretty quiet and uneventful which I guess is a good thing. I can’t wait to land in 5 hours!

Last view of the airport after takeoff! There was minor turbulence and we were in the clouds right after takeoff.

Halfway there. I thought this picture looked cool with the ocean and clouds in the background. We were cruising at 37,000ft.

Almost here! Turning onto final approach on runway 8L at PHNL. The Hawaii scenery looks amazing!

50, 40, 30, 20, 10, Touchdown. We had a pretty soft landing but slowed down pretty quickly because of the runway turnoffs.

Just turned off the runway and heading to the gate. Luckily the taxi time has not been to long so far.
Parked at the gate waiting for the pilots to shut down the engines. I’m here. I made it!

Walking away from the gate with my luggage’s. All in all it was a pretty good flight. I look forward to flying again soon!

Thank you for reading my trip report. I will make more soon!


Did you jump from the plane to the jetway?!

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Of course I did. Who doesn’t 😂

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A #screenshots-and-videos topic style I haven’t seen before! Great pictures!

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If I remember correctly, this style was actually quite popular a while back (~late 2019 maybe), and I still see some every so often. It’s really nice when done correctly.

Anyways, nice pictures @TheFlyingGuy1! Was interested in the pictures and story throughout the post. Nice work!


Great shots :)

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Nice pictures. you made it seem like a real trip report, I like that. Cant wait to see more of these

Speedrunning Munich airport

Does this answer your question?

Nice trip report. It made me feel like I was traveling to Honolulu especially when I have not been there


Yes 😂

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Bruhhh Im doing this exact flight with delta right now


I genuinely thought that this was a 767 until I saw the last pick. I was so confused😂