Delta 40 to Los Angeles

This flight was from 8 months ago (Before Live Replay),I decided to add it into this topic Enjoy)

Delta 40 Heavy Rolling down the runway at Sydney-kingsford while a Generic A333 loads Passengers at the Gate

We’re not gonna see land for a Long time so sitback relax and enjoy the flight!

Rising up to see the West Coast Gorgeous Sunrise

Finally on mainland and banking towards Runway 25L

Trying fo parallel land with this Alaskan 737

As expected ATC Told it to go around (No way was he gonna land 25R With all the traffic TS KLAX has)

Finally after 12 hours and 58 minutes in the air I have finally landed at Los Angeles

Deboarding Passengers at the Tom Bradley International Terminal while a Delta 788 boards Passengers

(Forgot the last pic)
(Note this was taken on a IPhone 6S


Nice pictures but the #screenshots-and-videos category has specific rules that all HUD/Systems/Player dots/Player names and everything must NOT be visible.


Ill change them now

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Wow the last pic almost looks like a 77W, not a 77L 🧐