Delta 2353 Makes Emergency Landing After an "Emergency Decent" From 30,000 Feet

Delta Airlines Flight 2353 has made an emergency landing after falling 30,000 feet out of the sky in less than eight minutes. The aircraft (A Boeing 767-300) made an emergency landing in Tampa because i keep making so many mistakes due after the fall soon after. It is currently not known what caused the plunge. More Details will follow soon.


I saw this, pretty scary.

I’d suggest changing the title from “Plunging” to “making emergency descent”. Plunging makes it sound as if it was an accident, when in reality the pilots followed emergency procedure to get low faster!


As an aviation forum, I don’t see why you kept their titling for the topic. It was a controlled descent, no plunging was going on


I saw this on Flightradar24 the other day… thought it was something minor…

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I am just dumbfounded of why people look at my typos rather than the actually incident at hand.

Like am I now the mainstream media reporting on aviation or something?


Well, there’s a huge difference between a controlled descent by 30000ft and plunging 30000ft… it can be quite misleading.


No, because you are an aviation enthusiast, the journalist who wrote that probably doesn’t know a thing about aviation…

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Okay. I changed it. No need to get so mad about it.

I wasn’t getting mad, I was just clarifying @Chatta290’s point.

That’s a V/S of about -3750. Jeez.


Everyone chill out please! The name of the topic is not that big a deal…
Anyways, this was pretty interesting to read

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Okay. Enough about my typos, lets just get back to the point at hand that this thing made an emergency decent and had a depressurization.

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How could this randomly happen?


Interesting. I still need to follow this up. Rip people’s ears. 😞


Random depressurization is random I guess. I frankly don’t know. It could have been a range of things.

Did you mean Tampa? It says it diverted to Tampa in the post

Oh! It was like the southwest incident a couple months back where the engine burst at cruise and broke a window, depressurizing the plane, then no one could breath, so the plane quickly had to drop to a altitude where everyone could breath. Similar?

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Except someone had a heart attack and unfortunately died on that flight. Luckily, no one on this flight was killed.


The title of the article makes me think of Qantas 72 😬

After reading it seems the cabin depressurized and they descended quickly.

Bravo to the pilots and flight crew for handling this with such skill.

Glad nobody was injured and thankful for our wonderful pilots and flight attendants. More like life savers.

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This one