Delivery to JFK

I’m a commercial truck driver and yesterday I was told I would be making a delivery to JFK. No big deal right? I make deliveries all the time to airports. However, When I got to the airport I was told that I need to go on to the airport. See we make deliveries to airports all the time, but we never actually go onto the tarmacs and stuff that is used to service the planes. Immediately, I jumped out of my truck and let my team driver take over so I could capture some pictures for you guys:

This is a beechcraft or Pilatus PC-12? passing a Boeing 737-800

I believe this is an B737 800 or 900

Now this is definitely a beautiful Boeing 737…

And this is when he finally turned toward us or and I started to wonder if he had to request (from Ground) to be pulled from his gate.

Here I came face to face with another Boeing 757

I was allowed to get really close to these planes.

In the center you can see a CL30 Challenger in the distance

Here is a closer look at that Challenger.

In the distance you can see intersection departures and arrivals are in progress because the runways is actually a bit closer to us and there is aircraft inbound.

Lastly, UPS has just rotated and is departing the big apple.

Other than this being my first time at JFK there was definitely a special feeling I got from standing on this airport. It was evident I was standing at the world’s receiving airport.


Nice photos! That king air is actually a PC-12 😉, the King Air has 2 engines


Very lucky driver, great pictures!

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You listed as coming face to face with another A320. Just wanted to correct you as that is a Boeing 757

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thanks man ! Ill change that feel free edit if you notice anything else appearing wacky and thank you everyone for the compliments!

No problem also the first picture is the beechcraft passing a Boeing 737-800 for American.

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That is really cool! Did you have to go through some kind of security or get some kind of pass?

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Sigh* Lol when I read the title I was expecting an A350 😭


Yes I did. The Port Authority of NY&NJ looked under our truck with mirrors had dogs check the actual delivery. The number of trucks that go onto the airport is restricted. The process took two hours oh they held our State I’d’s until it was time for us to leave.


Cool pictures, to get to do that is really neat

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Thanks again!I really appreciate it! so glad we have people in the industry here who can clear this up! I hope the beechcraft makes it into the game one day it was very admirable plane up close.

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All I can say is…
Not your average day at work

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Cool photos! I believe that citation is an Embraer Phenom
(All I know is that it isn’t a citation 😉)

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Whoa. That’s pretty cool, perfect work day!

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If only my job required me to go to an airport every now and then :(.


Thanks you to everyone and I will certainly do a search to find out what exactly that plane is.

I’ve been on that 739 before (N813DN). Weird.


Honestly this is amazing :)

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Thank you so much it means the world to me. It was really a special moment for me. Standing there I forgot all my about my problems and I felt this incredible feeling of hope build in my chest and it was quite humbling.

I know it seems a bit extreme but it’s how it felt and I can’t apologize for that. Thanks for the compliment it is very appreciated.


Wow, you are lucky to get a closer view of those aircraft! Awesome photos!

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