Delivery flight with Boeing Triple Seven Garuda from KPAE to WIII

1) Background to the photos
Picking up a Garuda B77w aircraft to KBFI before doing a delivery flight to CGK. And doing the last test flight about an hour and a half circling around Seattle, USA from KBFI to KPAE. Before doing a flight home to CGK for 16 hours and 09 minutes. Nonstop directly without transit. Flight from Everett to Jakarta as GA8011. Takeoff from KPAE in the morning and arrive at noon when landing at WIII.
Ferried PAE-CGK 03-04 Jun 2020 on delivery as GA8011✈

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

Operated by : Garuda Indonesia (GA/GIA)✈🇮🇩
Aircraft :Boeing 777-3U3(ER) / B77W✈
Alliance : Member of Skyteam✈
Flight number : GA8011/GIA8011✈
Flight time : 16 hours and 09 minutes⏱✈
Cruising Speed : Mach 0.84 (Normal Speed for B777)✈
Server : Expert Server✈
Step climb : FL280 > FL300 > FL320 > FL340 > FL360 > FL380 > FL400✈
Departure : Everett Snohomish Country (Paine Field) Airport, USA. GATE Boeing 777-05 (PAE/KPAE)🇺🇸🛫
Arrival : Jakarta Soekarno - Hatta Int’l Airport, Indonesia. Hanggar GMF (CGK/WIII)🛬🇮🇩
Distance : 7,422 nm / 13,745 km✈

More Details
KPAE to WIII [GIA8011] - Flight Plan Database (FPL From KPAE to CGK GA8011)
GA8011 (GIA8011) Garuda Indonesia Flight Tracking and History 28-Jan-2016 (KPAE-CGK / WIII) - FlightAware!

3) Photos

Delivery flight from Snohomish Country to Jakarta as GA8011

16 hours more flying. This flight duration is equivalent to a flight from DXB to AKL

Completed / Finished✈

Arrived at WIII after flying for more than 16 hours. Picking up a B777-300ER Garuda aircraft from KPAE. Due to delivery flight

Indonesia 8011 touchdown at WIII runway Zero Seven Left. Finally hehehe landed🛬

Cockpit View✈
A few hours before arriving at the destination airport. When entering Malaysian airspace, and doing the last step climbing, which is going up to FL400 at VOR VJN (Nearest Airport : (BKI/WBKK)

Fly across Philippine airspace. After accompanied by headwind, came a crosswind that was not too extreme. This scenery is so cool

A few hours after taking off from KPAE. I took the time to take a picture of a very amazing scenery

Fly across Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Indonesia Eight Zero One One Runway 16R cleared for takeoff. Bound for WIII


Awesome shots, I love all the information!


Thank you @Aero for your appreciation🙏
I deliberately provided more detailed information. To be more complete😃


Awesome screenshots, especially the last one! The duality between Mt. St Helens and Garuda’s iconic 777 tail is just awesome <3

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Honestly I did not realize there was a mountain in front of him when i taking off from KPAE, but after I looked in replay mode. Seen there is the mountain St. Helens, i immediately looked for a good angle to take pictures of the combination between the aircraft and mountains. By the way thank you very much @George :)

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Awesome picture!🔥✈️


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I love the detail and the picture 😀

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I live how realistic this is! Nice photos and keep it up ;)

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Thank you very much. So indeed, before I making a flying on infinite flight. Espically long haul flights, i always prepare it 1 day or even 2 days before doing it at infinite flight. I always look for data on the flights such as GATE, FPL, Flight number, SID, STAR, aircraft type, airline and others, and sometimes I like to see flightradar24 to make FPL which will be used when playing infinite flight later. And when everything was ready, I just started to make the flight :)

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Great Screenshot, The Flight info very detailed. Very nice.

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Bro LOVE the realism. We do a lot of things the same when it comes to FLP’s :) have a nice day!

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