Delivering supplies to those in need| FedEx flight to Montreal

So I wanted to do something a bit different. Today, I decided to help deliver COVID-19 supplies, such as Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other things that people need. With the world pandemic going on, I wanted to help through simulation. So here are the pictures of my flight

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200F/FedEx Livery


Time: 4 hours and 53 minutes

Sever: Expert

Starting off, I was parked at the south cargo area wait for the supplies to load into the aircraft. While waiting, I spotted an American A320 that just landed.

With the supplies already loaded, I proceeded to pushback and taxi to runway 07L. I held short on the runway, then I lined up on the runway, preparing for takeoff. After takeoff, there was some nice views of Phoenix that I took.

After an hour of flying, I was somewhere over Kansas. Little to see, but it was worth mentioning.

Then an hour or two later, I was flying right over Chicago. Got a view of o’hare. There was some aircraft, but they were a bit far too see. Now Chicago was something to see.

After another hour of flying, I started my descent/approach into Montreal. Approaching was smooth except I had to execute my approach because approach ATC left. But after approach clearance I contacted tower and was on full stop for runway 24R. After a mid-haul flight, I parked at the cargo area, disembarked all the cargo, and called it a day. Remember everyone, stay at home and stay safe :)


Cool shots! Did you cruise at like M.65 😂

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Lol no. Wind was blowing from all directions back and forth

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That is such a creative Idea!

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