Delivering more PPE for our NHS

Server - Expert server
Flight - Tianjin-Bournemouth (ZBTJ-EGHH)
Time - Block time of around 10 hours
Aircraft - Maleth-Aero A340-600 wearing Virgin Atlantic titles

  1. Parked at Tianjin full of PPE.

  2. Positive rate. Gear up!

  3. Very early touchdown due to runway length.

  4. Bournemouth unicom, MLT610 clear of all runways.

  5. Cones round the engines, begin unloading.

Extra Information

If any devs see this, can we have the Maleth-Aero callsign added which is Maleth

Vote for my two liveries
Thank you NHS - A346 Maleth-Aero Thank You NHS

Protect the NHS - Protect the NHS. Maletho Aero A340-600


How long is the runway?

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Around 7000ft

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