Delivering aid to the Turkish people!

In light of the earthquakes striking Turkey and Syria, I decided to fly an aid flight from Frankfurt International Airport to Istanbul Airport with a Lufthansa Cargo B77F, with various goods onboard to support the Turkish/Syrian people in rebuilding. I maxed out the cargo weight for the flight, along with my usual full fuel tanks, and it obviously took me way over MTOW, so I used the whole runway at FRA. If we pay for whole runway, we use whole runway. I also did it because I can. πŸ€ͺ

I requested a full fleet of empty eighteen-wheelers meet our flight at the cargo ramp at Istanbul, and an all hands-on-deck alert be put out for a timely unloading of the goods onboard to get them on the way to the affected area as soon as possible, with @Kitick manning Frankfurt Tower and Frankfurt Ground, and @Airlinesimple manning Langen Radar. Thanks for the service! :D

EDDF-LTFM | Expert Server | 18:16 Istanbul time arrival

Pushback complete, requesting taxi!

Speeding off the runway at <250kts to prevent stalling out, weighing some 892,000 pounds

On approach into Istanbul with @Jasonnn a few miles behind me

For landing still overweight and very fast, was pretty buttery

Cargo doors are open, let’s get these goods unloaded out and to the people!


I come to congratulate you for your attitude, and for the great idea of doing this in IF, you must be a person with a good heart, keep it up my friend. Hugs from Brazil. πŸ’šπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Wow, what a huge deed of generosity :), going to do this soon for sure.

No problem 🀝

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