Delivering a imaginary A340-600@LFBO1045zJAN19

  • Aircraft and Livery : Lufthansa A340-600

  • Route : LFBO-EDDF
    When you spawn, just copy my FPL!
    My display name is Flips!

  • Time of Departure : 10:50z

  • Server :Training Server

  • Additional Information:
    We will deliver some imaginary A340 for Lufthansa! I’m sure that this will be cool!

Flight Details:
245 kts until 10000 ft, then 345 kts
Vertical Speed: 2500 ft/m
Altitude: 34000ft
Speed : M 0.86
Please begin your descent 125-150 nm before landing!
Vertical Speed: -1800 ft/m

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!
Further details during the flight!
I will spawn at LFBO Airbus Delivery Parking 02

Wasn’t there one like this earlier?

Yes, but I had to cancel it!
Would you like to fly with me?

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I would like to Fly with you

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Is this today if it is I will happily fly with you

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Yes, it is today

Can I have Airbus delivery 01 please

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Can I have Airbus delivery 02?

This is where I spawn!
You have Airbus Delivery 03

Oh ok thank you

My FPL is ready to copy!

Could you please slow down a bit?

Yes what speed

530 kts GS

Ok will do at 530kts GS now

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Sorry I have to go now

No problem, it was funny 😄

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