Delhi(VIDP) to Melbourne(YMML) // B787-8 Dreamliner Air India

Route - VABB(🇮🇳) to YMML(🇦🇺)
Distance - 5502nm
Aircraft - Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Livery - Air India
Flight Time - 11h20m
Cruise - FL380

Hey guys, I just completed my longest overnight flight yet (Delhi-Melbourne) as Air India 940(Training Server, need 5k XP for Expert Server). Luckily the headwinds weren’t a problem so I kinda used less fuel than expected. I hope you like these photos! This is also my first post in this community.

1) Takeoff from Delhi

2) Reaching FL380

3) Sunset

4) Cruising over Malaysia

5) Entering Australia

6) Landing in Melbourne at 5:30 Local Time


Great pictures! This route will be awesome once YMML becomes 3d (pretty sure it is in the works or ready for release from Project Australia) The touchdown picture is amazing! Welcome to the community!!

Looking for more XP
Here is the tip : Do multiple landings in a single session, doesn’t matter you do on a multiple airport or a single airport , all you need to do is land properly. You can do that on (OMBD)

Thank you! I was quite surprised when I realised VIDP isn’t 3d considering the fact that it is the biggest airport in India.

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Yes I’ve tried this once and got around 4K xp within 1 hour

Just realised I messed up the caption, it should’ve been VIDP and not VABB :/

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😂😂😂 itna galat kese ho skta h be