Delhi to Dubai in 10 Replay Screenshots

Hello and welcome on board this Emirates 777-300ER (Registration: A6-ECS) scheduled to fly from India Grandhi International Airport (DEL:VIDP) to Dubai International Airport (DXB:OMDB) as Emirates 511 Heavy, carrying 283 passengers to the hot desert of the Arabic coastline. Our takeoff time was 0616Z with our touchdown in Dubai at 0933Z.

The shots are in order of occurence, No.1 being the origin gate and No. 10 being the destination gate.

Powering the 777, we have two massive General Electric GE90 engines, the largest engines on any commerical aircraft which will take us up to a cruise altitude of 38000ft (FL380) on this 3hr 15min trip over northwest India, southern Pakistan and over the Arabian sea and the peninsula towards Dubai.

The 777 has become the backbone of the Emirates fleet, with the largest fleet of 777s anywhere in the world, with an astonishing range and completing flights from 2hrs up to 17hrs, showing its competence in the modern aviation world.

I wish our passengers a pleasant stay in Dubai or a safe onward journey.

Waiting for passengers to board in Delhi

Takeoff Rotation on Delhi’s Runway 11

Climb out of Delhi, climbing to 38000ft (FL380)

Cruising at FL380 over Eastern Pakistan

*Entering the airspace over the Arabian Peninsula, with Dubai in the distance

Looping north of Dubai

On right base Runway 30R

Touchdown - Rate: -214fpm

Waiting to cross Runway 30L as so to enter the parking apron

Parked at Concourse B

I plan to do many more of these this summer holiday so look our for 'em.

Good day!


This one looks awesome! I hope you had a nice flight.


Nice pics. Isn’t this also where the accident happened in 2017? It was the same route, aircraft and airline, right?

I believe so yes but that was not intentional

Yes I had to follow the looping instruction and I had to hand-fly it

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Amazing picture @BennyBoy_Alpha!

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and I may have accidentally banked too far, disengaged the A/P and dived 6000ft


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Thank you very much!

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I’ll fly EK211 tonight


Nice pics 😎

Did this route last year in real life (onboard EK514 and EK513!)

Beautiful pictures and I’ll hopefully be able to do this route later today!

Where do you find the fpm in the bottom info bar, I cant seem to find it

I flew that route in business class, have a safe flight!

I use In-Flight Operations which is a third-party app

Ohh ok, thanks anyway :) I figured it out

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Did you butter? ;)

ish… @Wolfie