Deleting posts straight away

There should be an option to delete your posts immediately, instead of it looking like a mess saying “post withdrawn by author”


I think the moderators need to check it before it is deleted. Or it can be flagged it if is inappropriate and the author has had second thoughts after posting it.

I think there should have this

And then mods can check if it was an inappropriate post after it is gone… only if Discourse allows that type of system

This would be a problem as I could swear at you multiple times then delete it but I would be breaking the guidelines but the mods would not know so that’s why it stays there

We can still see posts after they’re deleted, even if they’re really deleted


Shouldn’t this be in #meta#features, lol

No, because Discourse manages the features while FDS says what features they want. You request a feature to Discourse

After you delete a reply you previously created, others can still read what it says by clicking on the orange pencil. This is for extra safety so that people can’t delete a post before it has been flagged and moderated.

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All you have to do is quickly edit your post to the desired text.

I’ve never heard of Autocorrect making it a swear word or inappropriate words either.

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I did for me once. When I first joined the forum it changed the word “drink” to drugs. I then had a really long chat with @Carson, about it.

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