Deleting Old Messages

Hi Everyone,

I’m requesting some help regarding the Private/Direct Messaging service through the Infinite Flight forums.

Now, I’m sure you’re all aware that after some time the numerous amount of Messages you receive can get to an unproductive level, and I’m unable to find any sort of ‘deleting’ service, I just can’t get rid of old, outdated messages.

If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, I’ve taken a screenshot to show you what it is in fact.

Thank-you all for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Down at the bottom there’s archive and you’ll never receive notif from it ever again.


And you can also mute the topic.


@Riley_Dunshea I’m aware, it’s just it can get a little crowded, and I’m that sort of person who can’t stand crowded things ;)

@GordenW Ok, thanks, I’ll try this :)

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