ReniSouthWest pilots allegedly hid a camera in the plane lavatory and live streamed it to an Ipad in the cockpit. According to a SouthWest flight attendant.
“ I was horrified I could not believe that anything like that was occurring during the flight” -Renee Steinaker

The flight was from Pittsburgh PA
To Phoenix AZ. February 2017

This happened when she was in the cockpit and say an Ipad showing video feed from the bathroom.

I looked at it and I thought
Is that just a regular still photo? And I kept starring into it and I noticed that it was actually moving.
Allegedly it was possibly placed in teh top right corner of the lavatory.

co-pilot Ryan Russel with a panicked face admitted it was live streaming according to a lawsuit Stienaker has filed against SouthWest airlines.
Co-pilot tried to convince her that the cameras were a “top-secret security measure installed in all of Southwest’s Boeing 737-800 planes.”

The lawsuit was originally filed in an Arizona state court in October 2018 on behalf of Renee Steinaker and her husband, David Steinaker, also a Southwest flight attendant. In late August it was moved to federal court in Phoenix. The Steinakers live in the Phoenix area.

Stienaker was told by a superior to not tel anyone about the incident.
She was warned that
“If this went public no one and I mean no one would fly our airline again.”

The Steinakers’ attorneys say the flight attendant has risked her career by making the incident public, and has been subject to retaliation by Southwest. The attorney also said the three other flight attendants on Flight 1088, and Steinaker’s husband, who wasn’t on that flight, have faced harassment and been subjected to more than the usual performance audits and drug tests.

When asked Sunday about the employment status of the pilots and the allegations of retaliation, Southwest Airlines declined to comment.

SouthWest said in a statement
“We have swiftly investigated the allegations, confirmed that no cameras were placed in any of the lavatories. And addressed the report comments with the crew on involved”

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[spoiler]2 Southwest pilots hid a camera in a plane's lavatory and live-streamed video to the cockpit, according to lawsuit
Flight Attendant Claims Pilots Kept Camera in Bathroom - YouTube

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