Deleted post

What went wrong here

I made a post about adding marshaling services and it was removed and I added one picture

This is the original post

It was a duplicate feature request. Generally speaking, if your topic was closed, a moderator will provide an explanation for why the topic was closed, as @Balloonchaser did in that topic. Original feature request is linked below.

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You do not have the required trust level to post in #features, which is why your post was deleted.

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That too…thanks for pointing that out ;)

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But it was on general not on features

Can you share the link for that feature request as could not find it from my side

It’s linked in the post you just replied to.

Yes but you were asking for a new feature which falls under the #features category. #general is for general questions and discussions about infinite flight.

I couldn’t view it anyway don’t you think that they need to reply with same thing I mean why was marked as spam while it should marked as duplicated

Thank you for the reply I am still new to this community did not know that 🌹

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Yeah it’s to reduce duplicate posts. You didn’t know since you’re new and don’t really have access to the whole forum etc. But it’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. Welcome to the community by the way! 🙂

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