Deleted Aircraft

Hi there,
Back when you could buy individual aircraft in infinite flight, I had the 777-300ER purchased. However, I deleted the app for a period of time. When I re-downloaded the app, I no longer had the 777-300ER as an aircraft that I could fly. Could you please tell me why this has happened and how to get the aircraft back.

If you purchased individual aircraft before that, you can still use them as such (such as @NoahM when he had the 777 purchased - no subscription - he has a subscription now, but you get the point). Let’s not try to spread misleading information now.

@Charlieoverend, don’t quite know how to fix the issue, but someone more knowledgeable than I am will be here to help as soon as possible.


Have you tried clicking the “Restore Purchase” button?

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Ah, Thank you for clarifying. I’ve never not had a subscription since 2016 haha.

I’ve only gotten my information from other users.

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Make sure that you’re using the same Apple account (or android) that you bought it with and then click restore purchases like @KIND9624 said

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