Delete violations after a certain time

I like the idea of violations. If someone is not behaving well, they are a good form of warning and punishment.

However, there is one thing bothering me:

Let’s take me as an example. I’m Grade 4 now and working up my landing count to reach Grade 5. I have 70 violations. 90% of those violations were made at my very first flights on Live, when I was young and stupid.

There are many people, also some great Grade 4 or 5 pilots, out there with way more violations.

I don’t think it’s fair to have such a high violation count, if those violations were from the very first days of flying. Even though they don’t give most of us a disadvantage in the game, it doesn’t look good in the statistics. And there are some good pilots out there who are no restricted of accessing Expert Server or even Training Server because of those old violations.

Here is my suggestion:

Violations should only be valid for a certain time

I suggest a timespan of 1 or 2 years. A pilot can improve a lot in that time. And if he doesn’t, the new violations still count.

This feature would improve the fairness for the people that clearly learned from their early mistakes. People, who now make this live simulator enjoyable.

My idea is that every few ‘good’ flights with 0 violations accumulated you remove 1 violation.

Liking the idea already


I totally agree with you there!

Edit : I need to vote! 😀


Or something like that, yes. Like: „Fly two hours without violations to get 1 removed“

The important thing at the end of the day is that there should be a way to remove violations.


//edit: The Feature suggestion is to delete violations after a certain timespan. This comment is just an answer to another one :)


I really understand how people would want this feature. I’m not going to vote for it, because for me there are more important things. Although I’m at 2 violations and grade 5. Those two violations (forgetting to set speed🤦‍♂️) are already very frustrating for me. I can easily understand how someone that got loads when they didn’t know how to fly are now frustrated.

Hope this gets implemented.


Now since global is out 2 hours at cruise is an easy thing and you can’t really get a violation that way. It usually comes from the critical stages of flight(Climb decend etc)


Well these violation numbers are not as bad as those numbers that are greater than those violations.

2341 is not as bad as 3422

These violations are like a “permanant record.”

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That sound like a perfect idea


I have to vote for this. As someone with 230 violations from my old, dark days of live, I see this as highly necessary.


sorry, but if it takes someone 250 or more violations to figure things out, that’s on them.

If you think that a system which allows violation removal for time spent flying when you can just hit Nav and walk away with Global wont instantly lead to abuse, you are a Pollyanna.

That’s basically a license to troll. Troll a bit. Then fly a couple long hauls and it’s all good. No thanks.

Note: I’m not talking about the fine, honest people in this thread. But you have to assess the likely outcome of any change. And that is what it would be.


I think 3 or 4 days without a violation should remove one

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I think that violations within lets say your first 90 days of live should be in a seperate category or something. Then have anorther category for the 90+ days so that you can compare and contrast to show how you learned IF. Those first days on IF a year ago could have really bit me in the butt yesterday if I didn’t start watching tutorials and getting my act together. I don’t know though… Maybe have a review board that sees if you are a good pilot or something? The IFVRB (Infinite Flight Violation Removal Board) that is like a court that sees if you are a good pilot.


I agree. That’s why the suggestion is to delete violations after a certain amount of real time.

Like this:
A violation from March 2016 will be automatically deleted in March 2018.

You’re right with the fact that a system where they’ll be deleted after a certain amount of flight time would have some major flaws.

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You do have a good point there. That is a problem. On the other hand you have honest people that have lots of violations. In my opinion a system that can remove violations from a good pilot, but not from a troll is needed. A few ideas have been given, but you’re correct saying it won’t work. For now I think it’s better to start thinking of another way to remove violations from good pilots but not from trolls. I have no idea how it could work though…


MaxSez: I second the motion! Some of my violations and suspensions are so old they are like barnacles on the fire dogs butt and they smell worse than his duty boots. I plead mercy for this poor old malcontent.


Violations are like a fingerprint. They are unique to us as a pilot. Deleting violations won’t make you a better pilot. Use those as a learning opportunity.

You guys are taking this “violations” nonsense to a whole new level; and its getting a bit out of hand. Fly normal for once and follow the some of the easiest rules.


I like the idea. Voted!


I have 181 violations and I could careless. They are just proof of my humble past 😂, back in the days when I was learning I racked them up but now it’s extremely rare.


BINGO! Live with the violations and move on. Its not the end of the world. Finally you said something that I’d agree with. 😂


I agree with a lot of the opinions here.
We already have ways to limit the effectiveness of violations while still making them serious on live. I don’t think we need any more.

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