Delete Online Flight Stats

Hey guys!

I have a simple request. As you’re reading this, please remember that this is for the ability to choose which flights you delete. You can tell what I’m taking about by reading a few of the replies.

I would like to delete fake flights that show a bigger number in my stats than the amount that should be there. For example, if me and my buddies are on Casual flying F-22s in the mountains and accidentally crash into stuff (not planes), I would like to delete those from my online stats. This results in only realistic flights showing.

I think we can easily implement this.

An idea is to have a button on each flight in the logbook that’s says something like, “Delete Online Stat” or something similar. It can stay in your logbook if you want, but it won’t reflect on your profile.

Truthfulness in VA applications

Another big reason for this is for truth in VA applications. Lots of VAs want experienced, professional pilots. To help in this, they often ask for screenshots of your stats. UPS Virtual is an example of one. An inexperienced pilot who is applying for one of these VAs can easily ram an F-22 into a mountain on Casual and farm “flights” this way.

If we implement this feature, VAs can request screenshots of the list of online flights (in fact, I think they do). This results in accountability and truth (both very good)

This is a feature that needs to be added. From my laymen’s perspective, I think it would be easy to implement.

Thank you for reading, and please vote!

Category change 😉

Oooooohhhhh thank you for catching that! 👍

Don’t forget to vote 😉

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I’m in support since I also would like to delete flights where I would just look at the planes, but no votes. :(


This is a good idea since just spawning in is technically a flight and I’m in the process of meeting requirements for IFAE. Thanks for the idea!

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Remember to vote for your own feature! :)

Couldn’t you just fly patterns to passed online flights. Real easy. 25 mins you can get 30-40 landings done. How would you know which ones you can delete, because maybe I do a 2h flight, but leave… How?

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As much as this idea may sound cool and interesting, it’s basically a way to bypass requirements, and technically cheat your way into a better profile. Your control is what you’re given, and that sticks, it doesn’t remove just from your profile by clicking ‘delete’

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I really want this. Sometimes I spawn in with wrong aircraft or gate or decide to do a different flight etc. but it still shows as a flight. Would be nice to be able to delete this to make my logbook more organized. This feature will only effect one self if you delete your flights, so shouldn’t be an issue regarding grade level or stats decreasing as YOU CHOOSE TO DELETE THEM. In addition I would just add a check, asking if you are sure you want to delete to limit accidentally deleting flights.


That your fault you spawn with the wrong livery not the games. It won’t affect your grade level or stats. Plus Infinte Flight isn’t a competition who has better stats or better XP. Because that doesn’t matter it’s really the knowledge that matters

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I will, I just created this and then had to eat dinner. I’ll clear a vote.

That’s where the logbook comes in handy. If it doesn’t show you landing at your airport, you can delete it. Also, this feature gives you the option to delete them; you don’t have to delete all of them. If you want to keep that flight, keep it :)

I see both sides and agree with both. What about a compromise. It doesn’t count if you don’t leave the ground but it does if you go airborne. Quitting mid flight shouldn’t be deleted but watching a session or spotting should not be considered a flight

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All good points. What I’m asking would give you the option to delete the flights. Even if it counts every time you spawn in, you can delete it. On the topic of people spawning in a bunch of times, VAs can request a screenshot of your logbook, which you can’t delete, to make sure they match up.

Instead of doing that. There should be a watch session for spotting etc… button.

That probably would be a lot more work for the developers though

Yeah, and also, @ThomasThePro why don’t you create a feature request for what you’re describing :)

I don’t know if he was stating he wanted a feature request but rather, just giving you ideas for yours 😊

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Yeah I agree with this, when I first got IF I did a lot of terrible flights and didn’t end up landing them so now I have like 800 online flights and only like 400 landings which I don’t like the look of.

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So every time you get reported or receive a violation, you enter your logbook and press that button. Sounds great? ;)