Delete Online Flight Stats

Hey guys.

I have a question.

Is there a way to remove a flight from your online flight stats? I’m reaching my 1,000th online flight but I would like to only have this display real flights from point A to point B. In other words, I would like to remove all the bogus casual server flights or other similar flights where I crashed and started over, thus creating a new flight in my stats.

If this hasn’t been implemented, having it implemented would be awesome.


I’m sorry from what I know it seems like that is not possible but you can post a thread in the features category to try and get it implemented.

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unfortunately this is not a thing the only way would be is to create a whole other account

But, congrats on the milestone

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Thank you! I’m trying to come up with which flight to do to celebrate. Pretty sure it’ll be a PANC flight of some sort.

As stated above I don’t think it is possible. If the flight/landing ratio is keeping you from joining VO’s, some of them are talking about relooking into that one. Hope everything works out!

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Love that airport I love to fly a cargo 747 To KORD

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That’s not a problem. All I want to do is delete fake flights like Casual server ones and stuff. Thanks though!

I’m in a LOT of VAs (see my profile), lol

Infinite Flight developers want to implement features that benefit not just one person, but the whole community. I don’t exactly see another purpose for the idea you mention.

You chose to do those flights and they, in the end, contribute to your flight time. Own that flight time and be proud of it!

I myself just passed the 1000th hour mark about a week ago and you eventually forget the importance. There’s far more memories, hours, and experiences to be made.


Update: this topic has been made in features. Just so everyone knows 😊

I understand the flight time, and you can choose to delete the flights if you want. Key word: Choose

For such a complex algorithm to be put in place, where you can mix and match specific flights, the only person it’d be really benefiting it is you.

Even in the case that they do implement it, by the rate of progression that the dev team shows it won’t be a few months until you can do that 1000 hr marking flight. And that’s only in the case if they prioritize it over everything else they have.

Continue in feature request made with same title.