Delete 'Enlarge' - symbol

I was wondering if there’s a way to delete this little symbol:

Sometimes it shows up on pictures, and sometimes it doesn’t…

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Press on the actual Image, it disappears then.

You probably already know this, but, just checking lol


Hmmm… It’s still there, even when I press on the picture…

It depends on the Picture Size (i think). If the photo is too big, the system shrinks it to fit. The enlargement feature is to show you the full size image. Although, If it fits, it will not appear.

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Might have something to do with different Browsers, I am on IOS 13 on Safari, doesn’t appear once I pressed on the image.

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Or, If you plan on using the photo in another area, (or with credit if used by a direct IFC member), just download it!

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So I guess I need to find the perfect size in order to delete that little symbol?

Yes. I’ll PM you with measurements to make it fit.

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Well the symbol actually means, Tap to enlarge. So once you have tapped it it should disappear 🤷🏽‍♂️

Yeah… I know what you mean, now. But I want it to disappear without clicking on the image.

That would be awesome!

Okay! I’m going to take the measurement now, so you can see.

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Oh… Ah right, can’t help you there, I guess, it should disappear if you don’t have to tap the image for full size? So there is probably a certain size required.

Like what @anon41771314 said.

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Hey @roostbrood,
There is a really easy way to do this that not many people know about… all you gotta do is just fake hyperlink the image.

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Thanks! I’ll surely try it out!


Just like this :)

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Closed per OP request