Delays in London!

Bad delays at LGW, LHR and LCY.

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It’s London. What did you expect? The airport also gets closed at the nearest sight of sniw for example :P


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Shh, even the slightest mention of snow will shut Heathrow ;)


It was 50-100m visibility in Zurich and I didn’t hear of one single canclation :P


Tons of flights cancelled to Dublin and Belfast City as well.

Haven’t heard traffic for BFS in the last hour or 2 as well

HAHAHAHA 😂😂 I fell of my chair when you said that… Hahaha 😂

It says to be over 170 flights and been cancelled all over the UK, not the problem of taking or landing, but taxing to parking or taxing to a runway is far to dangerous in heavy dence fog, it’s good to experience fog once in a while since it’s quite rare to get fig in the UK.


Hahahahahahaha, should go on aviation humour