Delayed yoke input

Sorry if anyone saw that at EIDW that really bad 757 landing

Very delayed yoke movement. I would tilt my phone and it would take about 3 seconds to move the yoke.

You can’t seen me tilt the phone but if you look at the yoke and look at how it’s move.

Flight report after 6:36 ^^^^

Have you tried the usual troubleshooting measures?

  • Restart Infinite Flight
  • Restart your device

Along with that, try:

  • Settings -> Controls -> Reset defaults

If all that fails, try reinstalling Infinite Flight. Make sure to backup any replays you may want to save. You can do this by exporting them from the app and saving them elsewhere (personally recommend

Worst case scenario it might be something with the gyroscope on your device. But try these first and we can investigate further if needed.

Yes it works fine after a app restart. I just want to know why this happened and how o can avoid it. I just had a -2000 after 6 hours and 30min

Perhaps you should’ve mentioned this in the original post :)

As to the question of why - I don’t know. If this is the first time you’re having this issue I wouldn’t worry about it. If this issue continues to happen then we can investigate further.

I’ve had the same issue earlier today… Lots of lags and delayed response

Is this a common issue or just one irregularity? Sorry if you noticed that topic already, but I didnt get any response from any moderator or something like that

Wrong topic

This happened again on takeoff in a delta 737-800

This getting annoying it’s happening every every flight

The entire UI seems to be lagging in your video. See the trim. Could you enable touches in settings and take a screen recording with the time set to Noon (so we can actually see things)?

Settings > General > Show Touches

Ok will do

Also, turn the interface timeout to never so that can be visible.

Well idk why but it’s not happening anymore but I’m still scared to fly because I don’t want it to happen on landing

I feel like I’ve had something similar to that but can’t remember the specific cause.

Hmmm ok thanks I’ll send the video when it happens again

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