[Delayed until further notice] Sun Country Virtual's Citation Cruise in Chicago @ KPIA - 072300ZOCT17

Server: Casual

Region: Chicago Region

Airport: KPIA

Time: 2300Z


Hello, and welcome to Sun Country’s second event! This time we are going to go ahead and hop into some Cessna Citation X from KPIA to KJVL. More info will be provided below!👇🏼

Flight Plan

The exact FPL is below for those who want to know

Flight Plan


Gate Assignments

CARGO 01: @AllegiantAir
CARGO 02: @Iloveflying
CARGO 03: @Marcus_Chee
CARGO 04: @FirstOfficer_Zong
CARGO 05: @
GA 01: @
GA 02: @
GA 03: @
(More gates will be added if needed)

ATC service

With this event on the expert server, it will not be up to me who does ATC, but it will be up to IFATC, if you are part of IFATC and want to work ATC at either KPIA or KJVL please PM me.

More About our VA
Want to join our VA! Like what you see here! Then Join Us! Down below is the link to our website and our main thread!


Main VA Thread:

So this about wraps up the information needed for this event! Can’t wait to see you There!


I would totally come but there’s a little issue…

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Sorry about that, Marshall. I would suggest making a #support topic on it or looking at other #support topics that relate to that

I can’t make a support topic about that because the mods would yell at me telling me they won’t do anything about it. I know for a fact that they’re not undoing my XP reset…


Lol. Depends on the mod…just saying


Sad that nobody’s joined, still is a week away though, anyways hope to see some more people join this event.


I agree. Cmon guys!!! Join the fun!!! Saying you don’t like events is like saying you don’t like a hamburger!

Reasons for joining:

  • Run by the “bestest” event leader around

  • Scenic route

  • Who knows, weather might not be perfect which will make for a fun and challenging ride!

  • Sun Country Virtual is here for you so you can have the BEST event possible!

  • Last event we had was packed! So don’t worry. Other people will be there :)

Come join the fun!!!

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I may join. What day is it gonna end up being on

Next Saturday. Musy be grade 3 to join though (or Grade 4 and 5)

I think you should move this to TS1. Otherwise you may not get anyone.

  • TS1
  • Casual
  • Expert

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Made a poll to see where it should be.

(Will close it at 12 votes)

I think all ranks should be able to join, but this would be my first event that I join. As I said, I am only rank 1, but if I do a few more landings, I’ll be rank 2

Moving to Casual Server!

I think we prefer pro flyers on our event flying the Citation rather than noobs…

We always have something up our sleeve ;)

Why not use a 737? Isn’t this suppose to mirror the airline irl?

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Hello there!
It is not hard to be below our age limit which is 13. Think that is the youngest you can be on the IFC. Please pm me on the IFC for more info and help. Thanks!

CEO & Founder of Sun Country Virtual

Not on IFC. I don’t think

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I’m a pretty good flyer, but I had my XP reset. Used to be a grade 3 in the Cessna all the time from HTO to HNL, eh?

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If there is still space, I would love to join