(Delayed) FVA's 1 Year Anniversery (HomBounTour Pt2) @ KLAX - 102100ZSEP17

Server: Casual

Region: California

Airport: KLAX - KSAN

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: A18 (Frontier livery) or A319, A320, A321in the generic livery.

Purpose for Event: To celebrate FVA’s 1 year of service and its continuation of its Homeward Bound Tour.

My dear forum friends, brothers and sisters amongst the aviation community, IF developers and moderators, FVA pilots/staff:

It is with a humble pleasure that I have the honor to announce the SMASHING ONE YEAR ANNIVERSERY OF FVA!!! Get ready for some history:

Frontier Virtual Airlines began in the minds of @sk28 and myself as a pet project. I made it known to him, back in August of 2016, that I couldn’t find a suitable VA that fit my love of flying. We conversed for a bit until I decided to create Frontier Virtual AirlinesTM. He agreed and we began a long trip into creating a suitable work atmosphere.
After 1 month of service to destinations throughout the US, FVA lost its CO-CEO (Sk28) due to lack of activity. I figured the airline was done for and was in the throws of death. But I clung to a sliver of hope that people would be interested. So I decided to take a personally positive spin on the change and invited several of my old, long gone, forum friends. In the mix, and not so long gone, was one of the best and most outgoing of pilots @Cessna_Driver !
We began building the airline back. Matt became my CO-CEO after I fell into a bout of hard depression in December of 2016, a year after my baby brother passed away. I told Matt that I couldn’t stand it anymore and that he should take the airline over. I was also experiencing the saddening news of being removed from IFATC and the blow coupled with the reminder of death, took away my love for flying.
But, with great encouragement and constant reminders, Matt brought me back. And it wasn’t too long before @Tecnam2TA (aka Daniel), joined our growing family. With the position of YouTube Manger open, and with his skills in editing, he was quickly hired for the open spot.
We grew from 7 pilots and 2 staff to our overwhelming 113 pilots (many who have taken to inactivity but are still technically registered) and now 3 staff. Amongst some of FVA’s finest are the following pilots:
@Mike Drew33950 @Q400fan @Mix56awesome @Derposaurus Nismokits** *Chris_Ridgell and more!
One year later and we are going strong and healthy! Seriously, to all the forums, thank you for giving life to one of the best VAs I’ve ever been a part of. And I don’t say that as the current standing CEO. I say that as someone who has had a bad history of VAs and couldn’t believe the community that began forming around Sk28’s plan and mine. The once baby airline is now an adult!

Event: Also, we continue our celebration of our revival from hibernation with this second parter in our Homeward Bound Tour. In this event we will be visiting the gorgeous coastline and mountain vistas of Southern California.
When you fly this event, don’t consider it an event just for our Homeward Bound Tour…consider it a FULL celebration of the life given to Frontier Virtual Airlines by all of you.
This is Infinite.Flight (aka Robert) tipping my hat and wishing you clear skies and smooth landings!

Terminal 5 Apron 51 Gates:

Gate Terminal 5, Apron 51A: @AllegiantAir
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 51B: @mike
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 52: Infinite.Flight
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 53A: @NismoKits
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 53B: @Drew33950
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 54A: @Mix56awesome
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 54B: @Harry.airbus
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 55A: @metrolink_guy_856
Gate Terminal 5, Apron 55B:



I would love to have a gate @SkyHighGuys!
Any gate works, and happy VA anniversary


Give me the honor of 53A next to my friend please!


The 3rd looks clear for me. Any gate please.


Not sure if I can make it yet or not, but put me down for 51B

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I have marked you down. I’m really hoping you can join us. We missed you last event :)

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I stole you 51B sorry…but you can still be next to me 😂


Sign me up. The last one was fun, the turnout was great.

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I will do so :) welcome aboard and enjoy your flight!


Sign me up for 54B ☺


It’s going to be at 1:30 in my area but I will definitely try to come and celebrate with FVA.


Gate please😍😍😋🤗🙂 thanks


As a heads up to everyone, this event is being delayed till Sunday 10th. I was hit with an exorbitant amount of homework and as everyone knows, school is priority. Please apologize this extremely late note.


No problem, thanks for informing us.

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Can I have a place plz sounds really good

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Hello could i get a gate please

Sign me up I would love to join please can I have a gate

I would love to have a gate

Me please Hopefull I’ll be able to make it

Sorry for the late replies Gents. Please check you gate assignments!!!