Delayed and Choppy Sens Error

This happened today when I was practicing on Saba Airport. When ever I do some extreme movements. The yoke gets stuck and 0.5 seconds later it picks up the movement then gets stuck again. Is this a bug? If it is, please I need someone to fix this. Again, whenever I pitch up, down, left, and right. Every 0.5 seconds they yoke gets stuck by its original position and goes to its designated pitch.

I’ve had the same problems, where the movements are choppy. To fix it I just close the app and reopen it.

I also do that but every time it comes back

Well unfortunately sometimes you have to do it many times

Hello there. I have faced this many times.

I would,

  1. Restart Your Device.

  2. If you have iOS. Delete App. Keep Subscription. Then redownload it with cleared up old storage from the game.

I hope this helps in any way!

Thank you so much!!

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