[DELAYED 30 MINUTES] Airbus Formation Flight @LFBO 290800ZJUN19

  • Aircraft and Livery : Any Airbus Livery
  • Route : LFBO - LFPG
  • Time of Departure : 2019-06-29T08:00:00Z
  • Server : Training
  • Cruise : FL270
  • Cruise Speed : 340 Knots

Join me flying from Toulouse to Paris! The flight is around 1 hour to 2 hours. We will depart from runway 14R and arrive runway 08L, must copy my flight plan.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Please reply if your going to be there.

I will post where to park prior to spawn in.


I am not responsible for any ghosts or violations issued to you.

It will be delayed 30 minutes.

Wish I could come. but I have no pro… :((

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That’s fine mate, maybe next time you get pro.

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Sure will!

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Flip 😭 Got a report so I can’t fly on expert. Can this be on training instead plsss 😧


I will have a think about it.


How many violations? Just one shouldn’t block you from Expert

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1 report. Blocked from Expert for 7 days 😭

Oh. Sorry to hear that :(. Sorry for getting off topic as well

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Anyway @Qantas094 , will this event proceed on training? Thanks for those kind words @TaipeiGuru !

Yes it will proceed on the training server @Vinne

Please spawn in now if you’re attending.

I’m coming in mate.
Gime 2 mins

What gate do I spawn at?

I think you found it, just turn off your engines please

nevermind I’m next to you

Thanks for that mate.

Dude that’s quite a steep ascend out of LFBO. I think we need another flight plan.

Please start an event chat, and not chat in this thread thanks