(Delayed, 20 Attending!) I’m going to Disneyland! - @ KSNA - 161900ZJUN19

Would I be able to have Gate 14?

I want to take part, but is it April 19th at 1900Z or April 27 at 2100Z

This event is on my birthday!!😊 I’ll take a gate to SFO as a United A320. Thx

This is a fly-in

Not a fly-out

You will be flying into Santa Ana for the event, not spawning into there

Btw, fly from SJC :D

Oh I see. Then I’ll fly in from SFO then.

It’s taken by me.

It’s April 27th at 1900Z :)

Sure? Cuz in the event details section its different?

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Gate 10 is yours! See ya there :)

Thank you. :)

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Might wanna add GA? Looks like this event will fill in very little time😂

I will add some later. I’m controlling SNA right now on TS.

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Ill take gate 12

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Gate 12 is yours. See you there!

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Thank you :)

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Sign up! GA gates will be Added later :)

I’ll take gate 21 Frontier

It’s yours, see you there.

May I have gate 2? E170 KLAS

I’ll take gate 4

You two have been added, see you there!