(Delayed, 20 Attending!) I’m going to Disneyland! - @ KSNA - 161900ZJUN19

Hello and welcome to another event of mine! Today I will be hosting a SNA fly-in!


KSNA, or John Wayne airport, is a medium sized airport that is sometimes featured by IFATC. It’s also a very under deserved airport. So why not fill it to the brim with people?

Event details:

Server: Expert
Date and time:2019-04-27T19:00:00Z
Region: Southern California
NOTAMS: Arrive at SNA at or around 1900Z. Be respectful of all pilots and ATC (If available)
Use Unicom respectfully.
This isn’t a set route event, you will have to make a fpl. I recommend fpltoif.com.
Have fun!

More info about SNA:


Here are the gates for the event. If you would like me to change or add destinations, contact me. They must be real. GA gates will be added upon request.

Commercial Gates
Gate Departure Airport Airline Aircraft User Callsign
2 KLAS Delta E170 @Mike_Lima_Tango
3 KSLC Delta 717
4 KMSP Delta A319 @Gmagic
5 KATL Delta 757 @TheFlyingGuy1
6 CYVR WestJet 737-700 @Joseph007
7 KDFW American 737-800 @Heyitxryan
8 KEWR United 737-700 @TCHeincy
9 KORD United 737-800 @Jackalus_Mills
10 KSFO United A320 @United_1154
11 MMSD Alaska 737-800 @QFA_12
12 KSEA Alaska A320 @IFliPlanes
13 KPDX Alaska 737-800 @NathanD
14 KDEN Southwest 737-700 @Luke_Sta SWA212
15 KPHX Southwest 737-700 @Plane-Train-TV
16 KDAL Southwest 737-700 @GlobalFlyer1
17 KSMF Southwest 737-700 @Carolina_Taylor
18 KSJC Southwest 737-700 @BigBert10
19 KDAL Southwest 737-700 @ClarenceTheAvgeek
20 MMSD Southwest 737-700 @JeromeJ
21 KSAT Frontier A320 @joshua_morrissette
General Aviation gates
Gate Departure Airport Airline Aircraft User Callsign
South Apron 1 Anywhere Corporate or GA No larger than CCX
South Apron 3 Anywhere Corporate or GA No larger than a CCX
Atlantic Aviation 3 KDCA Corporate or GA 737-700BBJ @baseball_inferno

More gates will be added if needed.

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I hope to see you all in Orange County!

People waiting for my MCO fly out, it’s coming, I promise :)


I’ll take gate 16 from San Jose! See you there!

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Gate 16 is yours! See you there.

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@Aviator_Airbus, your airport is getting featured 😃

Can I get a gate, looks fantastic!

Sure, which one would you like?

Gate 11 please! ASVA022

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Gate 17? Does that work

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@Dylan_M and @Carolina_Taylor you have been added! See you there!

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I would like to join could I have the Alaska from KPDX

I’ll take a Gate as well

Southwest from Oakland


I’ll take this:)

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@BigBert10 and @NathanD you have been added, cya there :)

You have been added bud :)
See you there!

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Gates are going fast! Get them before they are all gone :)

May I have Gate 19 from DAL?

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Sure. See ya there :)

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I’ll take the last Southwest Gate

I’ll have Gate 15 please from MMSD

Gate 15 is yours, see you there!

I gave you gate 20. See you there!