Delay in the aircraft's response to my commands


Today, during my landing in Dubai, I had issues with delays in the aircraft’s response to my landing commands. This especially occurs when there is heavy traffic and when the FPS is low. It resulted in a go-around at DXB and an ILS landing on the second attempt. If I hadn’t used the AP during the GA, my plane could have crashed, resulting in nearly 15 hours of flight loss.

I hope this problem gets resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Would you mind please telling us the device, operating system, and connection type. And also, would you mind uploading the replay of the flight in question here:


Also, which aircraft were you using?

  • Device: Iphone 11

  • Operating system: IOS 17.3.1

  • Connection type: idk what that means.

  • Airplane: A380 (but no matter the type, I’ve already faced the same issue with the 777, but in solo mode).

Connection type meaning WiFi or Cellular.

Is this accompanied by a meaningful drop in frame rate (fps)?

I was using the Wi-Fi

i set all graphics to low, turned off anti-aliasing, and capped at 30fps, but still, my FPS wouldn’t go beyond 20

Do you have the aircraft count low as well?

yes, all graphic settings were on low and turned off

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