Delay in engine power

In the real world, there is a couple seconds delay between the pilot pushing the thrust lever forward, and the engines actually powering up. This delay in engine power is already implimented in FSX, and possibly X-Plan 11. I feel like this would be a great feature to Infinite Flight

Why do we need this
There is no true reason for this feature but realism. I feel like this feature is needed though, as it gives pilots who fly on both FSX and Infinite Flight (like me) an equal feel. I understand this is not a full flight simulator, but it would be very nice to have a similar feel to what some FAA-certified training facilities have (atleast the ones which operate FSX in their simulators

How would it work
When the pilot applies thrust, the game can be coded to “delay” the application of power in the engines. Pilots wouldn’t really have a way of controlling weather they get the delay or not, as it isn’t really a feature in the real world, but something that applies to all jet aircraft.

Your vote would be greatly appreciated if you think this is needed. Also, if there is anything I should tweak with this, feel free to tell me, as this is my first feature request.

Seems like a very reasonable and unique request, this is a small addition that would make Infinite Flight more realistic in my eyes. Doesn’t seem like an impossibility to be honest.


This is one small feature that would make a big difference in realism. Even though my votes are spent, you have my support 👍🏻


Had to vote. Usually when I start my takeoff roll I set my throttles to 40% and then after about 5 seconds I slowly throttle up to takeoff thrust to mimick this. I also recommend you vote for your own request 👍


in real life, pilots go up to about 50% N1 before going to full takeoff power to make sure the engines stabilize before they increase to full power unevenly. This is especially common on 4-engine planes, but pilots do that because of the engine delay


I know that. However due to the sound of IFs engine, it sounds rushed when just throttled up all the way so I slowly do it for a better engine sound.


I fully agree with that


nice request. and i guess the delay is directly proportional to engine bypass ratio. its more in turbofan and almost instantaneous responce on turbojet.

When researching this, I didn’t find any info that it has something to do with the bypass ratio, but very interesting

not only bypaas ratio but also engine maas. The time taken for a rotor spool to reach a given speed directly depends on the inertial mass. since higher bypaas ratio means bigger fan and a relatively small core to power it. it indirectly relates to that.

Ah okay. Great to know for later!!

Unfortunately I am out of votes, but I fully support this. I hate to bring up an incident, but the Emirates crash in 2016 was due to the engines (RR Trent 800s in this case I believe) taking a while to spool up. In the game, you can spool up the GE-90s faster and recover from the situation they were put in almost every time. Not saying I want more crashes lol, but I’m just saying you don’t go from idle to 110% N1 in 2 seconds.


Asiana Airlines crash at SFO was also partially caused by the delay in the spool up. Pilots reacted too late to increase the thrust when their plane was below the glide slope. The engine on that plane was PW4090.

I expect to see lot more of crashes in the landing stages from IF pilots if this feature is added to IF. Um…I approve this feature!


With this feature though, pilots will have to think ahead, which is great if they want to become a pilot or any other very important job.


I’m out of votes. will definitely clear one and vote for this. :)


Haha yeah it will definitely mean people need to pay more attention

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Just thought this may need a little bump, as we kinda see this with the A-10 and it would be cool on other planes!


Voted! This along with a TOGA setting would be ideal.

Edit - I think this is already being implemented with new aircrafts/reworks eg. A10 like mentioned above as well as the TBM.


Good request, but I think we already have this. When you apply takeoff thrust, it takes a few seconds for the engines to spool up. Also, the autopilot moves the throttle a lot in gusty winds, but the N1 stays mostly the same.


Really good feature request! This would be really nice to have in IF!

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