DEL-YYZ tonight Air India 773

Hello! I am posting this to see if any of you would like to join my on a 15 hour flight from Delhi, India to Toronto, Canada. We will be using a Air India 777-300ER. If you are joining, I will give you all further info.

Thanks so much,

We depart in like an hour. I will let you know

Hi there,

Sounds like a great flight! However, I recommend you make a #live:groupflights topic about it as it belongs there.

Check out the formatting rules here: About The GroupFlights Category


This is not the first time you’ve used incorrect formatting and/or been in violation of the category rules. Please read the category rules that Drummer kindly linked in depth before posting your next flight.


All you needed to do was to follow the format you’ve done in the past. Maybe next time… 🙂