DEL-PVG group flight ~ @VIDP 120600Z20

    Delhi to Shanghai Group flight:
  • Aircraft and Livery: China Eastern A350, Air India B788

  • Route: VIDP - ZSPD

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-12T06:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

Spawn quickly and I’ll send you the fpl.

Let me know if you’re joining. Last but not least, spawn in a T3 gate please at Delhi.

Just a flight for fun and wake up call for my 15k run tomorrow

I will spawn in the Air India B788 in callsign Air India 348

@Imyash_Sharma, your notification again for today.

@Manav_Suri, you interested?

@LeonardIF18, @Infinite_flight_play, and @Simon_Botero, you three joining? :)

Have to go somewhere in the morning cant make it

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It’s alright!

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Pass on this one 😞

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Alright, hope to see you both in some other one soon

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Sure, I’ve already taken off, but I can slow down

no nevermind, I should probably go to sleep anyways

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Alright, maybe you can escort at Shanghai :)

Enjoy your flight! (:

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@Emiel_l, just saw you on LiveFlight as well…

I’m so happy you’re flying to my hometown VOBL :)

@Altaria55, thanks so much!


I cant cause im not expert server yet and sorry i didnt came in the other group flight bc i need to sleep for my 14 hour flight

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