DeHavilland Comet

Please add the Comet as it was one of the first passenger planes and it would have a HD cockpit and it would have the best price free! image


Dev’s Please don’t consider this “Shuttering S## House”! It died at birth. RIP!
Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends


@Maxmustang axmustang Lol back when I was a teeny little avgeek and was reading a book on air accidents, I read about the two DH. 106 breakups and I got scared _____less when I read of the fates of the poor people in the cabins…

One of those flying death boxes still exists by the way:

The rest of the surviving DH.106s have the oval windows (AFAIK at least).

@shadowrealm With the DH.106 we could really nail some old and beautiful liveries. Classic airliner that despite its troubled beginning and sad ending should not be overlooked.

Long live the DC-9 (And DH.106)!

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You want it to blow up in mid air? Want the crash scene to pop up out of nowhere?

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Why would anyone wish that… No one on this forum that I know of has a sick enough mind to think of that…

Long live the DC-9!

The DeHav Comet blew up in midair in many cases, including these:

@Boeing707, I don’t have a sick mind, I refer to history, which is very morbid for the death trap that is the DeHav Comet 1.


Yes those accidents happened but you were typing above as if those accidenta were to be implemented. IF already said animated crashes won’t happen.

Long live the DC-9!

The comet was the first commerical jet airliner ever built. The problems experienced happened precisley becasue of that fact that De Havilland were first and issues like metal fatigue were not well understood. After a lot of redesigning the new variants like the mk.4 no longer had those problems. However, by that stage Boeing had released the 707 and the Comet was too far behind to recover market share. Boeing benefited from being second in the jet airliner race and learning the lessons whihc De Havilland learnt the hard way. The Comet was a very beautiful plane and it is a shame the later changed variants never managed to achieve a high number of sales.

Therefore to dismiss the Comet as a “Shuttering S## House” is rather juvenille and shows little appreciation of aircraft history.

Just to add that a number of other jet airliners throughout history have had serious design flaws which have lead to accidents and caused subsequent redesigns. Some of those are in IF already.


Also like to add in the DC-8 was competing with the Boeing 707 so that the long-range jetliner category was already eaten up for the 4C. The Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle and Tupolev Tu-104 had eaten up the regional market and the BAC 1-11 was soon to come online.

With the long-range and short-range market already occupied with worthy and well-established competitors in it, there’s no chance the Comet could have made it. There’s a reason why less than 50 4B/4Cs were built (Sadly).

Now back on topic…

I would love to see this classic back in skies again. We should at least pay some attention to the first operational jet airliner and IIRC the DH.106 beat the 707 across the Atlantic.

Long live the DC-9!

We should make sure it won’t rapidly decompress at high altitude and blow apart! 😜🤔


Those ghost engines would give me excitement.

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Can’t believe this isn’t higher.

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Beautiful aircraft, and later on in life most of its problems were rectified! I wouldn’t mind seeing one, however military aircraft take precedence for me.


He I would love to see this plane in IF. It’s very sad that this beautiful plane was overshadowed. It & its creators should be proud of what it did. Though forgotten & outcasted, it was the first & nothing will change that.

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I wouldn’t be pround of a plane that literally crashed four times in the first 2 years of service.

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Hey! It looks cool 🙄

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Not even that… Those engines are about as ugly as it gets.

I think you hurt the planes feelings. lol

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Oh right. If the Comet feels bad because of my opinions of him, I can only imagine what the F-16 feels like. Anyways, Comet sucks IMO.

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@MaxSez: Another necropost! Does any one who bumps ever have an original thought? The Comet just claims first place for political reasons, it was a failure and killer, thus the real no 1 pax carrying jet airliner was the B-707. Remember if it ain’t Boeing it ain’t going and failures don’t count.

The Comet was the world’s first passenger jet airliner, designed and built in Britain.
It revolutionised air travel, and was the pride of the British aviation industry for its first year, until the first of three catastrophic crashes happened in March 1953.

After the conclusive evidence revealed in the inquiry that metal fatigue concentrated at the corners of the aircraft’s windows had caused the crashes, all aircraft were redesigned with rounded windows.

It took four years for de Havilland to get the redesigned Comet re-certified for commercial service.

In the meantime, the American aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, had released its 707 passenger jet, which could carry almost twice as many passengers.

The new American airliner soon cornered the market, and only 90 of the re-designed Comet 4 series were sold.

Most were removed from service by the early 1980s, and Britain’s early and commanding lead in the commercial aviation industry dwindled to nothing.

Info: @nicochile2