Degree Climb and Descent

@TEX Is Right, Even thought it’s Not VNAV

So your talking about IAS mode then?

On the A320, the Flight Path Angle (FPA) is typically only used during and approach with no vertical guidance. Rarely used during climb or descent. It only differs from IAS in that the aircraft pitches to a certain angle, and the Auto Thrust system is used to keep a certain airspeed, rather than pitching for airspeed.

Cus this is what it sounds like your talking about @Alfonso22

Indicated Airspeed Hold Mode (IAS). The indicated airspeed hold mode is selected by pressing the IAS button on the mode selector. When IAS is selected, it overrides the APR CAP, GA, ALT, VS, and ALTSEL CAP modes. In the IAS mode, the pitch command is proportional to airspeed error provided by the air data computer

There are 3 main climb modes, as far as I’m aware:

Flight Level Change Mode/IAS Climb Mode: This mode will adjust the pitch of the aircraft based on the speed set by the pilot in the climb/descent, to maintain a specific speed.

Vertical Speed: This will just change the rate of climb/descent of the aircraft. Airspeed will fluctuate depending on the profile of the aircraft (climbing, descending). As you may have noticed when climbing to higher altitudes, you need to constantly reduce the VS. Failure to reduce the VS at higher altitudes will lead to stalling. Not good. We currently have this in Infinite Flight.

Pitch vertical mode: This is what your feature request is built around. This mode is generally enabled after the acceleration height for that given aircraft. Depending on what the procedures are for the aircraft, the nose is brought to an angle at which the aircraft could essentially fly to the service ceiling. The pilot(s) would still be responsible for power management.

Personally, I think that this is a great feature request. I’m more of a fan of the IAS Climb mode. Just a personal preference. For those out there who will understand this, its a preference similar to North Up/ Track Up moving maps.


That’s it, Thanks @DeerCrusher


I learned to use throttle and trim to control my vertical speed.
For example, and not a fact, I try to set my descent at -700fpm, which seems to come out at -3 degrees to intercept the glide slope.

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MaxSez: Without a FMS computer in IF what difference does it make. IF uses V/S, live with it. Don’t think we’ll see the introduction of a sophisticated Flight Manager in the near term or until FDS moves on to a non-KISS systems approach. (You purest are driving the fledglings nuts.)

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