Degree Climb and Descent

As not many of you might not know Airplanes IRL don’t use VS, they use pitch Degree, instead of VS, normally VS is not used a lot just in some kinds of scenarios (Mostly Depressureisation) So this would be a useful feature in the game!

What are some examples of aircraft that use degrees instead of VS? I’ve personally never seen one that does


Hey! So, within the cockpit/first person view, the instrument setup has this!

Above the map, the wind speed is currently 4kts. To the right of this you should see a line that runs toward the middle. Essentially this represents 0 degrees. Just above this is your attitude indicator for pitch. (The 172 sits around 4* on the ground) Each line above or below represents 5 degrees ( + or - ).

Hope this helps 😃


I do know that, I’m asking for it to be implemented in Autopilot

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Look at any RL Cockpit flight and see that they don’t even touch the VS scroller

That’s because they usually use the system that matches climb rate with speed. Could you show me where they set the degree of the climb? Like a picture of the knob or button.


Okay, sorry I understand. 👍

It’s automatically adjusted with the type’s computer

What? An example would be nice. Never heard of it

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There is close to none examples since this is so common in aviation and not many people know it

That just doesn’t make sense to me. All cockpits i’ve seen have a VS autopilot and not this


What? If it’s common, people would know about it and there would be examples


If a 77L pilot puts FL 310 on the Autopilot monitor, the Aircraft would automatically put the preferable angle of climb. If you put a VS that Aircraft will automatically go with that Rate of climb

Are you referring to Vnav which follows the climb or decent profiles which have been programmed into the computer?

It doesn’t put in the angle of climb, it puts in the angle of climb that will get the target Vertical Speed. It’s all calculated through a function called VCALC, or VNAV which has been requested before

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@DeerCrusher - you mind? Just to get som clarification from someone who actually knows something.


The type of aircraft is the driving factor with V/S versus an angle climb/descent. During climb, many aircraft utilize a fixed power setting and use pitch to maintain a certain airspeed. This provides the aircraft with an appropriate stall margin while at all altitudes.

Descent is a different issue altogether. On many arrivals, the glide path is a given angle which the aircraft must maintain to meet all crossing restrictions. Whether the pilots uses a V/S or an angle depends on the aircraft setup, as well as what descent mode with which is pilot feels comfortable. With the autopilot on, and VNAV available, the pilot really is only monitoring the aircraft to make sure the arrival constraints are met.

IAS mode. Find your best rate of climb airspeed, and the auto pilot will hold that airspeed using pitch. It’s pretty neat.


I think you mean what I said earlier. Where the autopilot keeps a climb rate according to the speed that is set. @Alfonso22

If I’m not mistaken, Airbus A320 has degree option along with VS option to set the rate of descent and ascend. I personally think that adding the degree selection would be great addition to IF since many people struggle with their descend and ascend.

Your plane will fly at steeper rate of climb at low speed than high speed when same VS is selected for both cases. I have gotten my plane stalling out after taking off because I didn’t build up the speed enough to start the steeper climb.