Degraded App Performance

Hello Aviators…
I’m trying to make a flight but I feel that the app performance is a bit degraded… It takes up to one and half minutes to open and connect to servers… Moreover; my joystick keeps disconnecting (i know LiveFlight Connect is deprecated) but it completely stops even in Solo Mode (which is not a usual case)… Adding to what aforementioned; i tried twice to just make a takeoff in Solo Mode but i got no sounds at all although all other apps are working perfectly which means the problem is not related to my device nor my Airpods Pro… I restarted the app twice to make it work…
My device: iPad Air 2019 running the latest iOS…
Storage is as the picture below:

Any idea of what’s going on?

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The fact that you’re also having issues with your joystick disconnecting, strongly indicates issue on your WiFi. A great start would be to restart everything related to that :)


Thanks @schyllberg for replying… I will try to restart my router and tell you

Thanks @schyllberg everything seems to be working perfectly now… Hope it continues and not disconnecting on final and crash 🤣…

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